8 out of 10

Rosso20 2019, Cantina Furlani


Trentino, Italy


Pavana della Valsugana, Negrara, Marzemino, Teroldego, Lagrein

Starting as I intend to go on...

Fruity red

Flavour notes

Light, layered, and bursting with strawberry

This incredibly light and balanced Summer red boasts sweet strawberry and peach flavours and a hint of passionfruit. Smooth and soft tannins yield to a sherbet aftertaste with just the slightest sparkle on the tongue.

The nose is subtle and unusual for a red, including floral and herbaceous notes and plenty of apple on top of the red fruits. Enjoy on its own, or with light, bright foods. I’d opt for a sharp lemon sorbet or a generous serving of Eton mess.

An entirely unexpected wine

Refreshing, unique, and memorable

I'm starting my blog, and hopefully my Summer, as I mean to go on with an entirely unexpected wine. Chosen after exhausting ourselves navigating the crowds of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, my friend Alex and I found ourselves in 'Another Heart to Feed'; a bar serving great natural wines, among other things.

I fought with Alex to try the chilled French red on the menu but relented on this Italian blend. I’m glad I did! It was served cool enough without stunting the flavours, and refreshingly summery. A bright and optimistic omen for the coming season.

It isn’t often I come across a wine so unique in character without feeling slapped in the face. This was more like a delicate kiss. Also, with grapes like Pavana della Valsugana, Negrara, Marzemino, Teroldego, and Lagrein, it's an opportunity to explore and support varieties native to Furlani’s Trentino mountains.

Available online for between £26 and £32, the vegan 2019 Rosso20 may strike the upper end of the casual drinker’s budget but is well worth the investment. You’ll remember the smooth, sweet flavour long after the Summer sun has left us behind!