With a first-class degree in digital art and upwards of five years studio experience, I'm proficient in brand design, UX design, and architectural visualisation, and insatiably curious about the intersection of interactivity and identity.

Today, I’m a UX/UI Designer at Blue Prism. I’ve had the pleasure working with companies recognised and loved by thousands. Before, I was a fresh-faced graduate with a lot to learn. Tomorrow? Well, let’s get to know each other first!

Classically trained musician, independent scholar of philosophy and mythology, practicing Zen Buddhist, aspiring polyglot, games designer and dedicated player, traditional artist, fiction author, experimental cook...

These are all sobriquets I'm working on: Dali might say '...It is an infinitely minute part of my personality.' I just consider myself a busy man.

I've been published uncredited in magazines, and I've performed in front of thousands on stage. I'm no stranger to the highs and lows of the industry - But I'm determined to innovate in my field.











Over my years of design work, I’ve developed a methodology that positions efficiency over expediency and stresses to clients that diligent idea exploration will always create something more satisfying than running with the first thing we think of. Working as efficiently as possible means optimising an agile workflow and production cycle that can adapt to suit almost any circumstances.


To this effect, I’ve honed a process I reluctantly abbreviate to  BIDSRI . I’ve tried to make the acronym as pronounceable as possible... It’s a work in progress.


 BRIEF  Analysing the specific needs of the user through a creative brief.


 INQUIRY  It is our duty as creators to draw parallels from existing briefs, and to inquire into how they were fulfilled. This research should be as extensive as possible so that we build a kaleidoscope of existing knowledge from which authentic ideas can be born.


 DEVELOPMENT  Our inquiry shows a landscape of opportunities, and we have a platform from which to begin development proper. We can prototype all of our ideas to see what work and what doesn’t, and start to generate some tangible assets.


 SYNTHESIS  These tangible assets start to form part of a larger whole and we see a first draft of the product or project in a complete alpha state.


 REFINEMENT  This is pretty self-explanatory: The project is feature and art complete, and just requires a bit of spit and polish to iron out any kinks.


 IMPLEMENTATION  Launching the project! Packaging, marketing, and all the things that assimilate your project into everyday life.


©2018 Mark Sutcliffe - Digital Artist

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