The Story

XPO Display is a start-up online business specialising in the printing, cutting and distribution of cardboard flat-pack furniture for product exhibitions. This branding project aims to establish a holistic identity that represents the uniqueness of the product, and provide a branding solution that appears confident and well established besides competitors in this emerging market.

Visual Motif A

By considering the brand environment, several visual motifs have been created to provide means by which the brand and products can interact with one another. (Examples using 3rd party images)

Motif A is for full bleed photography, utilizing the cross motif in white to complement areas of high contrast.

Visual Motif B

Motif B is for full bleed photography and type, utilizing the cross motif to divide two distinct spaces.

Visual Motif C

Motif C is for cutout photography. The cross motif overlaps the image to create a dynamic interplay between brand and product.

Visual Motif D

Motif D is for full bleed photography. The images join at a cross formed of 45 degree angles, mimicking the cross motif in the logo.

Visual Motif E

Motif E is for full bleed and cutout photography. The beams of the cross motif have been scaled up as a background pattern, incorporating products within it.

Brand Application

To fully appreciate how XPO Display would work as a brand to deliver its promised experience, visualisations demonstrate brand constancy in real life design applications.

©2018 Mark Sutcliffe - Digital Artist

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